Our Story


Our story began in Costa Rica, when a climber’s DEET-based insect repellent leaked in the middle of a hike. The chemicals in the repellent ate through his backpack, destroying a number of his possessions. The leak even melted the keys on the calculator he was using to figure out the exchange rate. Wanting an alternative to this destructive formula, the climber returned home and developed the DEET-Free Herbal Armor® Insect Repellent.

Since then, All Terrain® has steadily expanded its product line to provide effective, environmentally friendly protection against a wider range of skin issues. Located in Newport, New Hampshire, All Terrain® now offers Insect repellents, itch relief, topical first aid, bandages and sanitizing products. Our products aims to help you and your family be more active and live healthier lives by being more confident in your protection outdoors.

All Terrain® products protect your outside, so you feel better inside. You can be confident using them in the backcountry, backwoods or backyard.

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