The health benefits for kids of being active and outdoors

The health benefits for kids of being active and outdoors

Decades ago, kids spent a lot of their free time outside. Today, with the proliferation of tablets, phones, computers, and other electronic devices, many kids spend less than an hour a day outside playing. The problem with this decreased active playing is that childhood obesity and other health issues are increasing. Spending time outdoors and being active are excellent ways for kids to stay healthy. That’s why parents should make sure their kids are spending at least part of their time in the beautiful world outside.

Pretty much every parent wants their child to be healthy, independent, and well-rounded, which is why it’s an excellent idea to instill a love for the outdoors in all of your children. The world is a delightful place and children should have the chance to experience it. With this article, we delve into the many health benefits kids enjoy when they spend some of their time outdoors, whether it’s going on a hike, participating in sports, or just playing with friends.

Better Motor Skills 

Children who spend time outside tend to have better balance, coordination, and agility skills than kids who spend most of their time indoors. When children are out in the world, it’s more likely that they will spend time running, walking, biking, and otherwise moving their bodies. They can jump, throw things, swing, and ensure their bodies get in tons of movement.

When children have the chance to improve their physical abilities, it can help them be more confident in their movements and stronger in their bodies. If you have a little one who plays sports, spending more time outside also gives them the chance to practice kicking, batting, and catching, along with other skills.

Lower Weight

At the beginning of the 1980s, about 7% of children were considered obese. Today, that number is closer to 33%, partially due to how little time children are active in the average day. The kids who spend time outside are less likely to carry extra weight since being outdoors makes most kids more active. Instead of watching TV or playing a video game, they’re jumping, running, climbing, and burning calories. 

One study focusing on preschool-age kids shows a correlation between the amount of time a child spends outdoors being active and their body mass index. The children who are allowed to spend the most time outside were also commonly those with the lowest body mass index. Keep in mind that if your child has friends who play outside, they are more likely to do so, as well. Encourage them to have fun with friends outside of the house.

Enhanced Strength

Swinging is an everyday activity for kids who enjoy being outdoors. It also happens to be great for improving a child’s strength. Even when you push a child on a swing, it can engage all of their muscles while learning how to sit up, hold on, and follow the swing’s movement. While it might seem like a dull activity for parents, it’s great for children if you want them to be active as they get older.

Building muscle strength is vital for a healthy child, and even playground activity will contribute to that. As a child gets a bit older, toys like bikes, scooters, and skateboards can continue to help. There are all sorts of options for toys and activities that help your child strengthen their muscles while being engaged outdoors.

Exposure to the Sun

First of all, excessive sun exposure does have risks. It can increase the risk of skin cancer and lead to sunburns. However, human bodies need sunlight. This applies to tiny tots just as much as adults of any age. Sunlight helps our bodies manufacture vitamin D, which is used in various processes of the body, from enhancing the immune system to bone development.

There are many benefits to spending time in the sun. It can even help with a child’s overall mood or their ability to get healthy sleep. Everyone’s body will work a bit better if they spend some time in the sun. Just make sure you have appropriate sun protection, such as sunscreen, hats, and glasses, if the sun is bright or you’ll be spending a lot of time in it.

Better Overall Health

We mentioned that spending time outdoors makes kids less likely to become obese. This has a ton of health benefits. Children who are obese have an increased risk of various issues, such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, and diabetes. Kids who spend time outdoors and are a healthy weight are less likely to experience these things. 

Outside play has even been shown to be great for children with ADHD. These children get an extra outlet for their energy and the chance to participate in fun activities that might not be possible indoors. All in all, kids who regularly head outdoors and are active are generally healthier than those who spend all day looking at a screen.

All Terrain Helps Keep Kids Safe When Playing Outdoors

On top of all the health benefits of playing outside, kids also get the chance to appreciate nature by digging in the dirt, walking in the woods, and splashing around in the water. These are only some of the reasons that parents should encourage their kids to play outdoors.

Unfortunately, in the summer, outdoor playtime often means mosquitos and bugs. Whether out fishing with or playing in the backyard, nobody wants to be eaten up by bugs. Also, people prefer not to spray chemicals on their child’s body. This is where our Kids Herbal Armor® Insect Repellents come in. Safe protection, less worry and lots of more fun!

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